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Love & Relationships


I am here to help you find answers to life's most troublesome questions. 

I will help with no judgment and give you compassionate guidance using your energy and connecting with you just through your birth name and DOB. 📌 

I am a professional and skilled clairvoyant who can help guide you in the right direction and tap into your past, present and future. 

I specialize in:

  • love/relationship 💘 
  • career 🏢 
  • family readings 👪 
  • seeing other people's intentions and giving timeframes 📅 

I can tell you whether the person you're asking about is a soulmate, twin flame, or a karmic relationship.  Using tarot, oracle, and other tools I can answer all questions you have! 

My goal is to help you find an accurate answer and because of that I never sugar coat a reading, so if you're looking for the truth contact me today and let's set you on the right path. 🔺🔻


I've been extremely intuitive and empathic since a child, I could sense people's energy even when they were trying to hide it desperately.  As I grew older I became more aware that my mission on this planet is to help people who were looking for help and to guide them find the perfect path which explains why I attract a lot of animals. 

I have more than 10 years of experience in being a reader and I can say that in my experience it's for the best to be an honest friend. Sometimes, my guides & cards may not tell you exactly what you want to hear but all these messages are honest and an important wake up call that can help you manifest good things, and remove negative people, and negative energy around you. 

I type really fast and connect with you within minutes so now, take a seat & let's chat to find a solution to your issue! 🔮




Aug 7, 2022
Wow I had an amazing reading with Brian, I liked how he knew exactly what happened last night with my boyfriend, definitely an amazing experience +++ :) thank you again
Aug 7, 2022
reading was ok
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