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Brenna Grace


Using my psychic and spiritual gifts, I am able to tap into your records and speak with your angels to find out what it is that you cannot see. My readings are honest and thoughtful, and I will guide you to a place of understanding and peace in your life. Astrology is my specialty - I see the way the universe turns and how the changing of the stars and the seasons work in and against our favor. Astrology was one of the very first sciences of healing. Using the signs and planets, I can tell you whether your lover is the one for you, what your great wound that stems from past lives is, or what you are truly meant to do in this lifetime. Call or chat with Brenna Grace now to learn what the stars have in store for you!


Brenna has always been able to communicate with Spirit. As a child she was told she had brilliant intuition. As she grew, her connection with those across the veil only became stronger, which sent her looking for spiritual training, and understanding of the unseen at the age of 13. Now, Brenna is an accomplished, First Degree priestess in the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, and a professional spiritual counselor. Her gifts have given rise to many wonderful and unusual opportunities, giving her experiences and wisdom from the Akashic Records that are accessible to a rare few. After discovering how easy it was for Deity to speak to her through the cards and stars, she focused on developing her intuition and honing it to precise accuracy. The results of this study has transformed the lives of many, as they allow her to facilitate the same kind of connection. Now it is your turn. Brenna will amaze you. Allow her to open those doors for you, that you can touch the other side and come back feeling whole.

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