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Brenda Samiel
Brenda Samiel
Career & Success
Brenda Samiel


I am a Master psychic With 15 years experience I can see past present and future I specialize in all matters of life Love career finances divorce family soulmate searching Lost object mediumship I'm a spiritual healer Don't need names or birthdays I can tap right into your energy My gift is very special to me I strongly believe My abilities are a gift from heaven I noticed my gift at a very young age Started using my abilities professionally at the age of 18 My abilities allows me to help others Whether you are confused Depressed Brokenhearted Lost Or just need general advice or maybe just a little guidance I'm here to help


My first experience helping was at the age of 10 there was a kid in are town that was kidnaped and I had a vision of him near water i told my mom and she had told. A friend of her who was a cop at the time and so they took me to all the lakes in town till I saw the one in my vision and there he was in a cabin right by the water More recent A female client of mine was divorce at the time I met her Her ex-husband was her soulmate But they already been separated for three years no contact With my help guidance And spiritual gift I reunited the two souls And they are now remarried And happyer then ever Another client of mine Was out of work For 18 months Turns out his chakras are off-balance so I Restore his chakras and now owns his own business




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Nov 28, 2017
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