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Brandy's Taurean Eye
Brandy's Taurean Eye
Love & Relationships
Brandy's Taurean Eye


I am a Shadow Worker/ Spiritual Mirror. I get the blocks, energy, And Major life lesson behind your question. I really enjoy these gifts that were bestowed to me.  I am the Limbo Queen.  Spirit does most of their heavy-hitting messages when I am in the dreamscape. Some of you may already know me :)  Spirit isn't like us, they communicate through symbols, smells, and random dialect. It is up to you to understand your personal blocks for your personal spiritual journey.  I mainly focus on Milestones, as they are what dictate the rest of the outcome. 


I have been a “Psychic” my entire life.  Random people approached me, to tell me I was to help heal the world.  Scary when I didn't quite understand all of it myself when I was young.

I love embracing who I am.  The power lies in owning who you are, and your abilities.

To face what you are scared of, to Face the scars to come out with Clarity.

I have been a guest on a few platforms, and run my own but I like having the high traffic and new faces.




Apr 3, 2024
Thanks for the honesty
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