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Brandy Joy


Hello! My dear clients, I am here for your help What is your potential? What was in the stars for you? I will help you find out what the Universe gave you at the moment of your birth. I am truly ready to give you all my attention and show you every possible way to see the light. I am very open-minded, so no question is too taboo for me. I will not lie to you, so please don't expect me to only tell you what you want to hear. I am a very honest person and will only guide you in the best direction I see for you. If you receive news during your reading that is not pleasing to you, I will ALWAYS help you to see the positive. I have been studying Astrology since I was sixteen. I was dubbed a "psychic astrologer" by a renowned practitioner because of the methods she uses to read a chart. While the elements of reading a chart are necessary, brings a unique ability to "feel" the chart in reading. I am a patient teacher. I don't teach people to "do" astrology, but rather, to listen and absorb what the chart is saying to them. my methods are simple and clear and tailored to the student has worked for and with a variety of professionals. Those experiences and I wish to serve humanity eventually culminated in her having her own web site. Not only is known for my work in Astrology, but I do other things as well. my Guided Journeys allow people to contact the inner person and clear fears and blockages; as a counselor teaches and encourages people to further their skills and talents. I also an ordained minister of The Church of Spiritual Humanism


I have the experience of about 20 years in this field and my experience and wisdom along with my intuitive skills help me get clarity which perhaps you might need. Disclaimer: While clicking the β€˜hire’ button you are agreeing that the reading is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading. Your psychic consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation. I do not provide legal, psychological medical business, or financial advice. I do not predict pregnancies or the sex of a child. I make every effort provide helpful information to guide you, but cannot guarantee the results of a particular outcome implied. Life is a flow of connected interactions and the information provided is meant to be enlightened guidance, not an absolute direction. Everyone has plus or minus intuitive ability. Sometimes rough time in life needs us to have assurance and patience. My reading and help will help you in reaching decisions, clarifying goals and making life changes. I create true positive changes in your life. Remember always help others.i can heal you Love, Relationships & Family.Cheating/Wandering Hearts. Finding love/Soulmates. Toxic Relationships Life, Destiny & Meaning. Law of Attraction.Spirituality.Unlocking psychic abilities Loss & Grieving. Medium Communication.Incomplete goodbyes.Signs of Connections

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