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Bossy The Healer
Bossy The Healer
Life Coaching
Bossy The Healer


Hello and welcome to my page! I am dedicated to helping you through life’s journey with messages from the Divine. I use my intuition, playing cards, dice, and Astrology to assist in delivering said messages. I specialize in communicating with energies of all forms such as Autism, deceased, pets, and living. I am a healer so I will look into the energies and advise you on how to maneuver them to your advantage, which is also, your right to do. There is work to do in order to manifest/create the life you deserve and desire. It would be great if life just happened but, it doesn’t. There is work to invest in so you must be ready and willing to do the energy work to make life happen for you instead of to you. I will do my best to understand and connect with you in order to reach your highest expectations from your reading. Compassion and empathy are my power twins so book your reading with confidence that you will get the answers you need and then some. I am very passionate about helping you with my many years of wisdom and experience. It is my pleasure to guide and advise my clients through their current situation, to bring you to a place of peace, happiness, and love.


If you’re tired of waiting on your love, life, finances to work itself out… I’m the advisor you’re looking for. You are not crazy about your dreams and desires. This a judgement free zone. Allow me to hold your hand on this journey, we experience as life.

I possess many years of experience providing counseling and advice to people from all walks of life. I relate to every person and connect with them on an individual basis and get straight to their core of the issue. I have a gift to intuitively know how you feel and what your feelings have the potential of manifesting. By sensing people's true and deepest feelings, I am able to help people heal their hurts throughout life and allow them to move forward in life, to a better and happier place. I will not judge you or your situation so you can be yourself when talking to me. 

My readings are honest and straightforward. The more clear and open you are, the more divine messages you will receive. I also communicate with others that have passed on in your life, autism, pets, and the living. I will give you insight into every area of your life such as love, business, education, life purpose and much more. Your readings will amaze you and give you the clarity needed to move forward to your chosen path.




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