Bonita Marie


I am able to create and analyze natal charts. I can answer questions by reading tarot cards. I have intuitive abilities and a finely tuned sixth sense. I can guide you into a shamanic trance where you will connect with your spirit guide. I can help you heal yourself with insight about your chakras and enjoy assisting by opening your heart to the angels that surround you. I can interpret dreams and advise you about the mineral healing properties of crystals and other semi-precious gemstones. I am able to see into past lives and explain karmic connections. I am one with Universal Love Energy.


I received a shamanic calling at birth. I have an understanding that everything natural has a spirit. I am able to communicate with animals and hear the trees talking to me. I always find crystals and other semi-precious minerals when I am hiking in the woods because they call out to me. I began studying astrology during the harmonic convergence in 1987. I have my Sun in the 12th house and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 3rd house. I learned to read tarot cards in 1991. I am a certified paranormal investigator with clairaudient skills. I have a great connection to the Spirit.

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