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I am an intuitive reader, I am naturally specialized in reading emotions and I am using the sacred oracle cards and clairsentience in my readings. I come from a family of psychics from Romania and I was blessed with this gift. I have a beneficial power that I felt in childhood and since that time I have developed my 5th sense to help people find solutions to their problems and concerns. I managed to bring smiles and confidence to my clients and that makes me happy when I see people that are happy and fulfilled. I provide clarity in my readings. I'm honest and I will give you true solutions to overcome anything that is standing in your way. I will help you get what you want. No sugar coating and nonsense here! I'm here to help in a real way and I'm busy helping people that accept my help. Thank you.


With over 15 years experience in reading through the Sacred Oracle, practicing clairvoyance, meditation and study philosophy, I have done public and private events giving readings and helping people find real solutions. I have started working with people all over the world through the internet since 2012. I have done psychic readings, clairvoyance work, I have reunited couples and always help people see and get to their best potential in any situation. I am a master in Yoga Nidra, I have studied meditation and yoga since I was a child and through time I have developed my own Meditation system called "Inner Soul Discovery" which is a special yoga program that is programmed to use your awareness to discover your soul (your true self).




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