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Blue Kat


For my new seekers, and yes you are seeking an answer, so I am re-posting this information: Tarot is intended as a guide. Questions, good questions, focus on yourself rather than others. Frame your question as "what do I need to know or become aware of about.....". These type questions create a feeling of responsibility and accountability, reinforcing that you have free will and can indeed shape your own destiny. Good questions are often open-ended, providing ‘space’ to explore different options and possibilities. But they are also detailed and specific, allowing focus and direction. These are good: What do I need to know about… ? What do I need to do to achieve…? What is standing in the way and how can I best overcome this? How can I improve my ability to…? What role do I play in so-and-so’s life/issue? What do I need to change in order to…? What is the potential for…? Questions about another person’s life are not allowed as this brings up issues because you are delving into someone's private life. I will never read tarot about someone without their permission. Blue


Altho, I have been reading cards just a few years, four to be exact, I have had psychic abilities all my life. I am an old crone now with Celtic heritage and realize I have a calling to help those I come in contact with. Blessings.

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