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Hi there! I'm a Pisces, HI TO ALL MY FELLOW PISCES! I am not only a Pisces, I am a Pisces born under a Full Moon. So with that, I have the moon in my best light when it comes to relationships and helping others. I am 3rd generation of clairvoyants and psychics. I have been blessed with an amazing sense of clairvoyance, and intense intuitive abilities, as well as an empath. I see and feel what not many understand. Just by reading, seeing, speaking my intuition guides me to clearly see and understand motivations and intentions of other people. There are a lot of connections in the universe that get confused and even feel like a soul connection, but could actually be what’s called a karmic connection. These connections can be confusing but also extremely toxic. I can and will help you understand and process through any and all experiences you are currently facing. Blessed Be!


Confused with a current situation? Looking for insight and clarity? With a lifetime of knowing I was different, and learning it was a gift that makes me beautifully unique. I embraced it, learning my purpose is to help give clarity to others. I have 16 years of putting my intuitive, empath, clairsentient and physic medium abilities to work. I personally have experienced a lot in my life thus far, with many spiritual lessons learned. Between soul connections, karmic partners and recently connecting with my Twin Flame. There is a lot to be said about experience, but there is more to be said when you have someone with the ability to understand your connections and provide insight and guidance on a spiritual level. I hold the blessed ability to not only understand my own experiences, but I can connect and guide you through yours. Each experience has heightened my intuition and clairvoyance, allowing me to share my gift. Blessed Be!

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the best I’ve come across. things have happened exactly like she said . I love her ❤️
thank you . the best
please send minutes to continue
thank you my darling. amazing ❤️
thank u so much
cannot wait to update ?❤️
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