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I love everyone and everything. I have the purest soul, heart & intentions on the planet & I talk to complete strangers like we’ve been friends for years. I always brighten people’s day and try to make everyone I come in contact with smile, laugh, or have a better day. I’m a healer by nature and I always wanna help, save or assist in making people the best version of themselves. I’m a born leader, who is fair & fearless and I can’t stand seeing anyone mistreated. I’m quick to defend those who won’t or cannot defend themselves. I’m just a Divine Being that’s trying to do big things for herself, whilst helping & healing as many as I can along the way. I am going to use my ability to hear and feel your energy to zone in on your particular love interest, problem, or significant other. I can also help you through hard times related to a breakup/divorce. I am also incredibly gifted at healing people who've been hurt or are battling inner battles (mental or emotional). I recently learned how to bring myself out of heartbreak, health problems, and toxic relationships, and now I want to be able to share what I have learned with others so that they don't have to go through unnecessary suffering. I can teach you how to set healthy boundaries with people who tend to only use you (narcissistic people), and I can identify people with negative energy around you so that you can get on the path to your new enlightened life. Life is hard and it doesn't come with a handbook to tell you how to overcome some of the more trying times in it, but that's what I am here for! I will do my best to give you that light at the end of the tunnel and keep your faith in love flickering. I am very upfront and will NOT sugar coat anything that I get from my Angels or intuition from God. The truth may hurt, but I don't believe getting paid to lie to you is okay. I will tell you only what I feel and hear.


I have all gifts and frequently use them all at once as well. I’ve always been gifted and able to foresee things, and feel others energy and emotions and for a while I never understood what I was feeling and why. But I was just picking up the energy from those around me and hearing their thoughts. I’m incredibly close with my Angel Squad and they’ve been all I’ve had in life. They are who give me the answers and images for my clients. I receive messages via dreams, images, thoughts, and voices. I’m really good at giving a sense of calm to those in panic or distress and I’m great at manipulating moods. I’m also very experienced in guiding people through toxic relationships and removing narcissistic people from their lives. I also do setting boundaries and eliminate self limiting belief sessions and heal childhood hurt or patterns. I am both a student & teacher this lifetime with multiple missions at once. I was born with all known and some unknown spiritual gifts and it took me a while to embrace and fine-tune them all. Every day I meditate and talk with my Angel Squad so that I keep my gifts on point. I want you to know everything I do, comes from only a positive source and divine power. I don’t require any tools, though, for my personal use, I love crystals and sometimes will pull Archangel Message & my own Personal Oracle cards to clarify what I’ve felt or seen for a client.

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Sep 21, 2021
excellent spiritual healing, meditation and good reading
Sep 13, 2021
great reading
Sep 13, 2021
I've tried now he is engaged. all he keeps saying is you have no idea what Going on. he is sorry and try to find someone better
Nov 16, 2020
Sep 12, 2020
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