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I'm called Vii in the Ethereal. 
I have been spiritually gifted since birth and specialize in clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, empath, oracle, channeling, intuitive, timelines, dimensions, Source, ethereal, and divine. 
My approach is straightforward and I strive to make everyone feel comfortable like they are talking with their best friend. I want to help however I can by sharing my story, experiences, suffering, and journey. I believe that I can inspire others to do the same by understanding my emotions and learning how to love and accept myself. 
I am here to foster spiritual awakening and guide people to connect with The Divine and their highest self. I understand the power of personal growth and strive to be a shining example for those embarking on a similar journey. 

I was born into a family with a long line of generational curses and traumas. This left me feeling very sensitive to energy as well as vulnerable to emotional manipulation and spiritual attacks. Also being born with all of the spiritual gifts, I was often overwhelmed by energies & entities from other worlds. I spent many years unlearning self-limiting behaviors and patterns( and am still learning as I am both a student and a teacher this lifetime) and went through a spiritual awakening process. I now deal with energy & those who are sensitive to energy as well as helping others to identify, activate, and utilize their gifts & remember who they are. My goal is to become the person that I needed but didn't have when I was a child to help me understand, nurture and develop myself & my gifts to others. 

If you feel like you don't fit in, you're going through an awakening, ascension, twin flame journeys, karmic relationships, narc parents/lovers, toxic family, trying to understand the spiritual world and yourself...I am here for YOU. You are my soul family, and I do truly understand everything you're experiencing and more, as I too have had to go through similar journeys. 


I have all gifts and frequently use them all at once as well. I’ve always been gifted and able to foresee things, and feel others' energy and emotions and for a while, I never understood what I was feeling and why. But I was just picking up the energy from those around me and hearing their thoughts. I’m incredibly close with my Angel Squad and they’ve been all I’ve had in life. They are who give me the answers and images for my clients. I receive messages via dreams, images, thoughts, and voices.

I’m good at giving a sense of calm to those in panic or distress and I’m great at manipulating moods. I’m also very experienced in guiding people through toxic relationships and removing narcissistic people from their lives. I also do setting boundaries and eliminate self-limiting belief sessions and heal childhood hurt or patterns. I am both a student & teacher this lifetime with multiple missions at once. I was born with all known and some unknown spiritual gifts and it took me a while to embrace and fine-tune them all. Every day I meditate and talk with my Angel Squad so that I keep my gifts on point.
 I want you to know everything I do, comes from only a positive source and divine power. 
I don’t require any tools, though, for my personal use, I love crystals and sometimes will pull Archangel Message & my own Personal Oracle cards to clarify what I’ve felt or seen for a client.

I offer repeat sessions to ensure that you stay in alignment with your spiritual journey to check in on your mental, emotional, & spiritual state & help deal with & process any lower or negative energies that may come up during your awakening & healing as well. However frequently you would like to have sessions, I can accommodate time for your individual needs.


I also use tuning forks to clear the energies before, during, and after each session to ensure the environments & energies around both of us are pure and free of any negative attachments, interferences & spiritual attacks/spellwork/entities. 

This is a safe place, always. 

I look forward to serving you on your path of healing and awakening. 

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Sep 21, 2021
excellent spiritual healing, meditation and good reading
Sep 13, 2021
great reading
Sep 13, 2021
I've tried now he is engaged. all he keeps saying is you have no idea what Going on. he is sorry and try to find someone better
Nov 16, 2020
Sep 12, 2020
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