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I am going to use my ability to hear and feel your energy to zone in on your particular love interest, problem, or significant other. I can also help you through hard times related to a breakup/divorce.
I am also incredibly gifted at healing peoples who've been hurt or are battling inner battles (mental or emotional). I recently learned how to bring myself out of heartbreak, health problems, and toxic relationships, and now I want to be able to share what I have learned with others so that they don't have to go through unnecessary suffering. I can teach you how to set healthy boundaries with people who tend to only use you (narcissistic people), and I can identify people with negative energy around you so that you can get on the path to your new enlightened life.
Life is hard and it doesn't come with a handbook to tell you how to overcome some of the more trying times in it, but that's what I am here for! I will do my best to give you that light at the end of the tunnel and keep your faith in love flickering. I am very upfront and will NOT sugar coat anything that I get from my Angels or intuition from God. The truth may hurt, but I don't believe getting paid to lie to you is okay. I will tell you only what I feel and hear.


I have had abilities since I was a baby, but have really learned that my niche is in love interests and life issues. I know people because I can feel what they are going through and see them with my heart and mind. I do not use any tools, only the words of my angels and intuition from God.


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