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Lady of the Lake


I am The Lady of the Lake, I have all of the three water signs in my chart which makes me HIGHLY psychic and ACCURATE these past 13 years as a professional psychic. I love to give life path direction, love, dating, and sexual desire readings, as well as see what blockages are in the way. The tools I channel with my intuition and throat charka with Archangel Micheal to deliver messages that are need to know. I work with are: various tarot decks, herbs, spell casting, astrology, moon phase manifestation, candles, use a seer stone to gain more information. I use crystals, I do love readings, Venus sign readings, moon sign readings, career moves, I can tell you exactly what it is you need and desire to get you out of the ruts we find ourselves in sometimes on the journey though life. Chat with me now I can’t wait to hear from you to help you find true happiness! I do readings for love, dating both long term and short, sexual desire, money, spiritual hurdles, career opportunities, challenges: with my tools of : tarot, astrology chart readings for individuals, and couples, I do sun and moon sign readings, I compare signs for love readings and compatibility. I do not give readings on: Health and pregnancy, finances: pertaining to stocks, bonds, 401k etc. .


I am a Natural born psychic, I have the ability to see all, know all, hear all with my tarot decks. I have been a professional psychic for 13 years. I have a B.A. in art history and criticism which allows me to read the images on the cards even further, and receive and perceive what others might miss. I have many tarot decks not limited to the Game Of Thrones tarot deck, Minimalist art tarot deck, Doreen Virtue angel tarot deck, as well as the Romance angels oracle. This is also not including my knowledge on spells, rituals, casting, crystals, moon phases, and astrology prating to your chart which I can help you understand why some areas of your life have been stagnant and how you can transmute that energy to change them into moveable paths in your life. I can help you open the door even when all seems lost. I am waiting to hear from you, lets connect.

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lady of the lake is absolutely wonderful!! beautiful and genuine. helped my situation so much. authentic person: loved her🤍
ran out of funds but appreciate the reading
Thanks! ended up running out of funds. I’ll be back soon.
thank you so much!!! i so sorry i ran out of credits!! 🙏🏻
thanks again!
She's so amazing. Thank you and we will talk again soon!
I’m sorry $100.00 later I was told I would hear from the person within the year. I got no real answer and at 11.99 a minute I expect more. if you want a reading you better have several hundreds. it’s a no for me
thanks for another great reading!
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