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Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake
Soulmates & Twin Flames
Lady of the Lake

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I am The Lady of the Lake, I have all of the three water signs in my chart which makes me and my readings using psychic/ mediumship HIGHLY ACCURATE these past 17 years as a professional psychic/ medium, dating romance, and life coach. 

I love to give… Audio, Chat, and phone readings. I can do audio readings starting at  15 mins - 1 hour the same goes for Chat and Phone. 

  • Life coaching readings 
  • Love and romance coaching sessions 
  • Dating life check-ins
  • Blockages to overcome 
  • Money/ prosperity coming in 
  • Charka work 

The tools I use to channel my intuitive abilities dealing with psychic/mediumship abilities are:Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, I also use my guides, deities, to deliver messages that you need to know. 

I work with and use: 

  • various tarot decks/ oracle decks
  • runes
  • herbs
  • astrology/ natal chart,  progression astrology, past life astrology readings, asteroid reading 
  • moon phase manifestation
  • dream interpretation 
  • crystals 

I give astrology readings I do natal chart readings, astrology chart readings for individuals, and couples, I do sun and moon sign readings, and I compare signs for love readings and compatibility. Love readings, Venus sign readings, moon sign readings, career moves, blockages to overcome, money coming in. I can tell you exactly what it is you need to get to your desired goal to get you out of the rut you may find yourself in sometimes on the journey through life. 

Chat with me now I can’t wait to hear from you to help you find true happiness! 

I do readings for 

  • Love
  • Dating both long term and short
  • Money
  • Spiritual hurdles
  • Career opportunities
  • Challenges

    Additional services I offer in the chat:
  • Clear Past Life Karma 
  • Clearing the Third Eye 
    Bring in New Love
  • Natal Chart Reading
  • Comparison Natal Chart Reading
  • Help you connect with your spirit guides
  • Blessing Candle
  • Connect to your angel guides
  • Connect to your Fairy guides
  • Connect to your Dragonfae guides
  • Connect to Mother Isis


As a natural-born psychic and medium, I possess the ability to perceive the spiritual world through various divination tools such as tarot, oracle cards, and rune readings. I have been professionally practicing as a psychic for 17 years.

My educational background includes a B.A. in art history and criticism, which enables me to perceive subtle details and insights that others might overlook. Through art historical analysis, dating techniques, symbology, and understanding of ancient cultures, I bring a unique perspective to my readings. I possess several tarot decks, including the Game of Thrones Tarot deck, Minimalist Art tarot deck, and Doreen Virtue Romance Angels oracle.

Furthermore, my knowledge extends to personalized rituals, principles of spell casting, manifestation and the law of attraction, crystals, moon phases, spirit guides, deities, other realms, runes, and astrology.

Natal chart readings are a specialty of mine. I can help you understand why certain areas of your life may have stagnated and guide you in transmuting that energy, transforming it into a more favorable path. Even when situations seem dire, I am here to open doors and provide guidance.

Contact me today so we can connect and assist you in finding true happiness. Whether through audio, chat, or phone readings, I am ready to lend my expertise. Let us embark on this enlightening journey together.




Jul 28, 2023
great reader!! so good!!! very clear and very insightful. ❤️. great soul
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Dec 3, 2021
am so sorry I I out of founds. but I’ll come back later ❤️
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