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I offer in depth love readings, such as soulmate/twinflame relationships, predictions about relationships, Astrology compatibility, and more. I am a Psychic medium who can connect with past loved ones, Spirit Guides, Angels, and even pets! Tarot card, Angel card, pendulums, dream interpretation, past life work, astrology, and career and finance readings are some of what I offer in my readings. I use automatic writing and crystals to help me channel my messages from Spirit. I am a crystal intuitive and can recommend crystals as well that would be beneficial to you. I will thoroughly look into any questions you may be having, and give you detailed and honest predictions, guidance, and advice. I look forward to reading for you!


I am an evidentual Psychic medium that has 10 years of experience reading for clients all over the world. I have given many honest and accurate relationship readings that have made a difference in my client's love lives. I was trained by other psychic mediums, and received a certification for my training as a medium. I have also been a mentor and trained others in the field. As a third generational psychic medium, I have sensed Spirit since I was very young. I learned the tarot and studied astrology from a young age. I always had an interest in anything mystic. As I got older and understood my gifts, this all started to make sense to me. In the past, I also hosted a popular psychic radio show. A description of my gifts include being primarily Clairvoyant and Claircognizant. This means I mostly receive my messages and predictions by seeing images in my mind's eye, and receivng direct thoughts from the other side. I do channel my messages quite a bit where the other side can speak through me to answer questions a client asks for. I enjoy what I do and love making a difference in my client's lives!

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so quick and to the point! wish I had more funds to continue. do try her!!
Medium Belle is really good!! She immediately jumped right in and was able to identify why I was reaching out and offered some great insight including a prediction for the upcoming year that I will be looking out for!
thank you
than you
Thank you ???
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