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I am Belladonna. I am a clairvoyant empath/Medium. I work with Oracle,Tarot, pendulum, and I also recieve messages from spirit. I can help with a number of things that may be troubling you. Love, Career, Finances, or maybe you need some guidance as to how to evolve on a spiritual level. I am a certified Usui Master Reiki healer, I can perform distant attunements. Please let me know if you are interested in this work. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to focus on when it comes to healing, or I will figure out what needs healing during the scan process. I can help you open yourself up to love, to prosperity, and help you open up to the spirit world. If you are having trouble moving on after a relationship or a loved ones passing I can channel messages for you, to help you release whatever is hindering you. We are all here to evolve, to spread love and light to the world. Lets work together, and you will find yourself feeling at peace and attracting the things that you want out of life. I also offer Manifestations and Attractions, and can also help you develop your own gifts. Please come into a reading with a open heart and mind. Allow me to connect with your energy. Do not project negative energy, or you will bring that into your reading.The first three minutes are introductory, You will not get a full reading in the first in the first 3 minutes. Please respect my time and energy on here. If you struggle with paranormal activity in your home, I can help identify the cause. Pictures are always welcome, I am great at reading energy off of pictures. If you have one of you, your loved one, or person in question, that helps a great deal. If you have problems with paranormal activity in your home, please take pictures of the spaces where you experience it the most and I can read the energy. I look forward to working with you. Light and Love, Belladonna


On a daily basis, I recieve visions and messages through spirit. It could be something as complex as channeling a message from a passed loved one, to spirit telling me you are comtemplating joining the gym, or traveling abroad. Each message is unique and personalized to every individuals energy and life path. I am particulary amazing with attraction, and manifestation, energy work and love readings, most people that want to know about their love life seek my help. I have had these gifts since childhood. I became interested in the craft at a very young age, and started to harness my gifts at the age of thirteen. I also have experience with extraterriestials, I know and understand much about this subject. Do you think youve been abducted? Have you seen a Unidenttified flying object? Tell me your experiences, and through guided meditation we can unlock the secrets that your subconcious mind may be hiding. Many of us have untapped potential, I have experiece helping people open up, to work on their own gifts as well. There is a whole spiritual world for you to explore. lets explore it together.

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