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The services I offer to my clients are straight to the point. I am a psychic medium shaman with many different areas of knowledge. One of the things I specialize is is clearing and cleansing dark energy from people and houses. As a shaman I am able to shape shift to go into your soul and retrieve the pieces of your soul that is missing and return to you. I have many years studying and working with the paranormal so I may be help to help with earthbound and pesky spirits even the tough ones.


 I started learning to read at a vey early age. My grandmother was the fortune teller for the small town we lived in. When I was a teen my Scottiish grandmother came over to live with us.  She taught me a lot of gypsy and old country folklore divining and magic. How to conjure and talk to spirits How to cross them over and how to get rid of the nasty ones, I have been practicing this on and off for 50 years. I am also an energy healer, shaman, angel card reader and have studied demons for several years.


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