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I am an UK based clairvoyant that utilises Animal Spirits to pass on messages through oracle cards. I can also provide dream analysis, and give readings based on animal spirits that keep appearing in your life. Additionally, I can help you awaken different parts of yourself a guided shapeshifting process. Animals as symbols and messengers have been used throughout the centuries as a way of communicating and growing our life. The Native American's used the animals to shapeshift and awaken different aspects of the self. Need to be more confident? Call on the Tiger, want to feel more joyous in life, ask the Hummingbird. Animals have been passing along their wisdom and knowledge since the dawn of time. Book a reading today to embark on the next part of your journey :)


I specialise in the Spirit Animal Oracle, which provides beautiful messages to help you better navigate your life beyond limitations and challenges. Every animal has a deeper symbolic meaning and will often appear in your life in order to pass on a message. Their wisdom has helped me navigate so many areas of my own life, that I feel I should now help others. Each message is loving, clear and direct and can assist with these areas of your life: Career Love and relationships Spiritual journey Family. Remember, that within each challenge is a lesson, that we can always overcome. We are never given more than we can handle. Book a reading today to hear what the Animal Spirits that reside within our earth have to say to you. I am also trained in Animal Communication, which involves connecting with your pet via a photo, ( can either be a current pet, or one that has passed over) This can be used to uncover reasons for certain behaviours or how they feel about a particular situation. Animal communicators are trained to tune in and connect energetically so we can hear their thoughts and converse about them. Through the art of animal communication we can understand their concerns and they can share their innermost thoughts and feelings.

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