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I am a caring psychic friend to assist you on your life journey. Enjoy seeing your world from a new perspective. I am a Master Clairvoyant with abilities to tell your past, present, and future. i am able to deliver honesty,details and accuracy. guiding & aligning you. giving the strength power confidence hope & belief in yourself and the things around you healing the body mind and soul directing you in life putting you on the right track. i am able to see whats the next step you should take No false promises or hope! i am able to know the thoughts, moods and passions of your lover. i am also a Spiritual Business Consultant & giving Financial guidance. I able to help you with * ADD/ ADHD * Depression and Grief * Menopause Symptoms and Women's Health Problems * Stress, Anxiety * Weight Gain & more You will not be disappointed. Degrees and Qualifications: Certified Reiki master 1 & 2 certified stone and crystal healer certified from A R E in Berkley mi. Experience: Love Marriage Divorce Soul Mates Past Reuniting Letting Go Guilt Closure Legal Justice Victory Fertility Hyper Children Confusion with Family Confusion at Home School Issues Pet Issues Creative Issue Music Art & Writing Nightmares Sleep Disorders Anxiety & Depression Fears -Phobias Emotional Distress Prosperity Job Money business & Career Partnerships Success Decision Making Physical Issues Weight & Hair Loss Regaining Strength - Health Confidence & Insecurity Relocation & more



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