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Guru Barry
Guru Barry
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Guru Barry

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Hello, My name is Barry, I am a third-generation, psychic medium and tarot card reader. I am able to connect with you on a deep level , for me to be clear and accurate I will require as much information as possible. I offer a 3 card reading of the tarot, to do this all I need is your name and birthday,and the name and birthday of the one you seek answers about, colours and numbers may be significant in these readings, I enjoy connecting with you on a personal level especially if I can reconnect you with the person you love and want to be with. My readings are also true and honest and to the point, I will not just give you the answers that you seek. I believe true and honest information is the best way forward, I enjoy creating a connection with my clients as I want you to enjoy this experience that the psychic realm has to offer you.


I am a third generation psychic, tarot card and clairvoyant and clairaudient, I am able to connect with you via the tarot card with your name and date of birth, my dreams often offer meaning to events that can come true,I have often had dreams relating to those closest to me where I have been able to predict what will happen and when it will come true, I also connect with those on the other side who often visit me to pass on important messages to those that love. I am also able to hear some of those in the spirit realm making me a clairaudient, I am to see and hear spirits, it has taken me many years to master my abilities, I was a very young boy when I had first experiences, I have now taken what I have learnt to help those who seek it. I love connecting with people and your loved ones, and would love to pass on their messages to you.

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Jun 15, 2024
thank you always for your time & insight!
Jun 15, 2024
Jun 14, 2024
Jun 14, 2024
thank you so much always!!!
Jun 13, 2024
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