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Advisor Barry
Advisor Barry
Psychic Reading
Advisor Barry


Hello thanks for visiting my page my name is advisor Barry Am a empath clairvoyant and also a medium I am able to channel myself through different dimensions and time I can pick up on peoples energy and I can see past life regression With my full understanding I tell my clients never to view the glass half empty to view it always full let your life continue to overflow because the key to happiness is positive reinforcement looking for the bright light and avoiding negativity I am a specialist at removing negative energy’s and spiritual blockages I myself believe that with staying on the right healthy track physically emotionally and mentally it could change any situation using tools such as crystals candles and the deck of the rider tarot cards they allow me to get full accuracy in each and every reading Energy is a very important part in each session because I am feeling your energy and using mine and it creates a combination to help rejuvenate your soul body spirit and mind.


Are you wondering if he /she is the soulmate are you thinking when am going to get that promotion these are questions that you shouldn’t lose sleep about when you could have someone give you the true answers you need I am a 4th generation spiritual healer and Psychic adviser I am able to give you a straight answers I’m able to look into the past present and future I could help balance your chakras I could give you answers to all your unknown questions I have been working professionally for 16 years I could gaze into the future using crystals I could see into your past and I could help you make better decisions for your present and for your future I give straight clear answers every reading has full coverage on all situations of life every reading tells names dates and time frames you focus on something and I’m going to pick it up right away choose me as your psychic adviser I could tell your past how it happened your present how it is and what awaits for you in the future call and speak with me now because a better tomorrow starts today

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May 24, 2023
very understanding and Compassion towards my questions I guarantee him 💯 thank you so much
May 23, 2023
May 13, 2023
May 13, 2023
May 3, 2023
can you send minutes I wanted to see more of what you had to say
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