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Hello, Earth Angels! My name is Barbara. I offer reading services in love and relationships, career, money, mediumship readings, talking to heaven readings, past-life readings, life purpose readings, pet readings, angel messages and angelic readings. yes or no readings, and major life decision readings. I’m a genius on time line readings. Do you have questions like…When is he/she going to call? Is he/she my soulmate? Will he/she leave his/her wife/husband? How does he feel about me? What are his/hers intentions toward me? Will I get the job? Will I get more clients? Will I pass the test? Is my deceased loved one in heaven? What is my life purpose? Then you come to the right place. I provide advanced accurate readings. I am a natural born psychic Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient. (See, feel, and hear). Authentic psychic and certified tarot reader, I make a fast connection. My reading style is warm, compassionate, and supportive. As long as you are honest and open with your questions, I can give you honest and straight to the point answers. I’m absolutely nonjudgmental. After each reading, you will gain the insight and clarity you need. I am an ethical reader and will not lie to you.


I have been performing readings professionally by phone, video, chat, and email for 37 years now. I'm an Empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient and proficient in Tarot cards and providing Times and dates. I specialize in love, relationships, career, finances, and business. I also do dream analyst, communication with deceased loved ones and much more. I am a natural born psychic. I come from five generations of family psychics. I received my gift from my mother and father. The spirit world has connected with me since the age of five. I use my psychic insight with the tools of Angelic Tarot cards with numerology and the pendulum. Our spirit guides and guardian angels are always here to assist us in the readings. Often, deceased loved ones will pop in to give more enlightenment to our session. I do not sugarcoat anything. I tell you exactly what it is that I feel and see giving you the enlightenment you need to move forward. I can tell you what he/she is feeling about you. In addition to all the things that happen in relationships with love, sex, marriage, and cheating. I will give you accurate answers and compassionate insight. So if you are ready to hear the truth, you came to the right place. feel free to contact me.


thanks Barbara ! you have been a great reader I will wait patiently !
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