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Are you looking for guidance? ✨Tarot has the answers you seek! ✨ I don't judge, so feel free to ask me anything that comes to mind. My goal is to give you direct information with a splash of hope, but I don't sugarcoat your messages. Ask me about: 💕 Love 👍 Career 👫🏽 Family & more Don't forget about self-love readings. They are one of my favorite readings to do. It's self-care at its finest and you don't even need to ask a question. I use several different decks to help me provide insight: The Centennial Rider Waite, Light Seer's Tarot, Modern Love Tarot, Prisma Visions Tarot, and Modern Witch Tarot. If oracle decks are more your style, I also have: Moonology Oracle, Wisdom of the Oracle, and 7 Energies Oracle. I get new decks monthly, so check back often! 

*I can provide insight into any matter you desire, but I do not provide medical or legal advice.


I have been reading tarot cards for the better part of a decade. My first tarot deck was the Prisma Visions Tarot and I never looked back! From Tarot, I moved on to oracle cards then back to tarot again. After performing hundreds of tarot readings, my goal remains to bring hope and insight to all who need it. As a certified reiki master, I also bring healing light energy to all of my readings. My clients find the information they are looking for along with a feeling of peace. We deal with stress from work, relationships, and family. Sometimes, a card reading is all you need to get yourself back on track.

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