Ayisha Zakia


Spiritual Anointed Psychic Seer/Medium/Clairvoyant. My readings are Divinely guided, honest, and straight-forward. Receive Your Divine Guidance from a called true Psychic Seer. More than a service, this is my calling. My special area of reading is in relationship. I can not promise dates or specifics about money. 


I have been a professional reader for over 10 years; however, since childhood, I have been seeing things  and "knowing." Although I did not always accept the gift, it accepted me and only grew stronger. Even if I tried to run from it, I couldn't. Therefore, I chose, through God, to use it to assist those in need, to bring peace, personal healing, and confirmation.  For many of us, our intuition already gives the answer. I am simply a tool and light that aides in bringing validation. Having experienced moments of unsettled feelings, I know what it feels like to have the need for guidance and answers. My ultimate goal is your peace. My readings come from the highest place of divine spirits. My approach is sincere yet straight-forward. I am a voice for your guides.

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