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Look into the Soul
Look into the Soul
Spiritual Reading
Look into the Soul


I’ve had spiritual insight and clairsentient abilities since I was a little girl. Because of this I decided to share my gifts by offering insight and guidance for clients through my psychic insight and using tarot as a tool. I am often able to tune into the clients energy and situation without having to use the tarot, and give a spiritual analysis based on psychic insight. I help assist clients with any obstacles or blockages they may encounter with love, family, and career matters. The way I read for clients is to assist their spiritual growth, what this means is that I will always be honest in my readings and see that the client understands that means receiving messages with an open mind and heart. I won’t ever sugar coat my readings as that’s not how I read for clients. I will always be direct and to the point, but with an empathetic heart.


I got introduced to the tarot about 4 years ago, but I have always had psychic insight. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I started reading professionally for other people. I started my own online tarot business where I do distant tarot readings and energy healing sessions. I work at public events as well, giving a psychic analysis and tarot reading for clients. I am also an energy healer, meaning I do distant healing services combined with my tarot readings. A session could consist of energy healing and a psychic analysis. All in all, I have always had psychic insight, and had the ability to tune into other people’s energy and feel their emotions. Since I was a child I’ve always had an amazement and connection with the esoteric world. I am self-taught and I never stop learning. My clairsentient abilities and my passion for helping others are what has to lead me to be a tarot reader, energy healer, and spiritual counselor.

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