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Ayahuasca Angel
Ayahuasca Angel
Love & Relationships
Ayahuasca Angel


Earth angel here to show you the path to Illumination, through transcending and ascending to a higher level of dimensions and expansion of consciousness,  improving the quality of life, relationships and love through making better choices, accepting, forgiving and surrendering to the divine. Enlightenment inspiration and intention come from the world of spirit.🌟

Specialized in love, soul mate calling, twin flame identifying, generational trauma, patterns, family curses, ancestors calling and honoring, lifting souls into the divine light through prayers and meditations, yes or no answers, spirit guide oracle opening, angel answers cards, and other spiritual guidance like mediations, the power of affirmations and self-love. 💞

Living with the amazing indigenous tribes in the Amazon forest of  Colombia and  Peru I learned how a soul comes into this reality, where it departs after transition, the great healing power of Mother Nature, developing a connection with plant spirit and experiences that are completely life-changing trough the Sacred Ancestral Plant Medicine such as Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,  Kambo amongst 220 other plants. 🌿

Drinking water from the river and sleeping in a hammock under the trees I realized what Creation is. God. Source. Infinity.
Welcome into my healing energetic space. 🙏

Much love, many blessings and healing. 🌎💗


A second generation psychic and tarot reader with great ancestral knowledge and experience in Divine Secrets like Spirit World,  Astral Traveling, Spirit Guide Communication and Life Mission, Twin Flame and Soul Mate calling, guided meditation and affirmations as well as self chanting initiation to break the family dysfunctional patterns and generational karma, dissolve the illusion of the self, transform from the inside, spiritual awakening guidance, practice self spiritual healing, dissolve family curses and ancestral karma, cut the etheric cords and any soul contracts or deals that bind you and need to be released from any past lifetime or parallel existences. 

Truly embracing gratitude and forgiveness is the path to Enlightenment and the final stage in the last cycle called human. 💓

I can also teach you spiritual awakening and healing through plant, meditation, and intention. Our mind is a supercomputer that can be programmed towards healing, prosperity, abundance, self-love, self-worth and our consciousness is known to be infinite. 

The body has also memory and must be taught and cared with respect as it truly is a temple of God. Awakening all those super powers is the ultimate freedom for our mind body and soul. 💚


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