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After twelve years of military service, I learned to embrace my intuitive gifts, and have been helping people like you with psychic readings, dream analysis, and spiritual healing on a full-time basis ever since. Our time together is an intimate exchange. You have real issues in your life, and I never take that for granted. My goal is to always treat you with respect, to listen to you with my full attention, and to use my psychic abilities to their fullest to help you. Sometimes it's tough love, sometimes it's tears, sometimes it's laughter, but I guarantee that our times together will always be productive. I get the greatest joy when a client tells me they have used the information I have given them to improve their life. I'm results-oriented and seek to give you closure. You deserve peace, love, and happiness in your life. I have dedicated myself to giving you that. So let's start a journey together to tap into our inner wisdom. I have so much to share with you. Don't put it off. The time is now. Let's begin.


I spent my early years as a full-time psychic in Hollywood. I was a psychic advisor to some names you would probably recognize, as well as many executives in the movie industry, plus other business people and even politicians. I enjoyed that, but I began to realize my true calling was helping a wider range of people. So since that epiphany, I have embraced clients from all walks of life, and it has made my life and career more satisfying. I'm very visual, and during our readings, I am able to see vivid images. I can pinpoint people you will meet, places you will visit, and opportunities you will encounter. I also have extensive experience analyzing dreams and am a firm believer that dreams communicate with us on a psychic level, and that they give us vital information that can change our lives. Examples of ways I have helped my clients: anticipated obstacles in important business decisions, helped avoid dangerous romantic entanglements, helped save family relationships, reunited soulmates and lovers, helped advance careers, resolved issues with loved ones who have passed. I'd like to add you to my next experience. I want to find out the areas of your life where you seek guidance and closure, to use my intuitive gifts to help you solve your problems in a way you simply can't on your own. I'm ready to share my psychic ability with you right now. Please call so we can get started.

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