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Awakened Soul
Awakened Soul
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Awakened Soul


I have always been highly intuitive, clairvoyant and clairsentient, especially in my dreams. I am an indigo child and a truth seeker. I can easily pick up energy from people and places. My picture readings are 99.9% accurate. Although an empath, sometimes I can turn it off- as an adult I learned how to shut things out that affect me negatively. Spending time with my two fur babies helps ;) My goal is to help people realize their true potential and help them awaken their true self. Often karma from past lives follows you into this life and it’s important to know which karmic loop to close. I am here to provide courage, empowerment and hopefully help people find the answers they have been searching for whether in their personal lives or careers. I do not like to sugar coat anything! Being a no nonsense advisor is my approach. What I can not do is predict your future. Fyi, I may have the capability to be a medium but for protection reasons I do not try.


I am a Certified Life Coach with a spiritual approach. Painful life experiences have pushed me to have a higher self awakening. It was then I knew I had to utilize my abilities to help others. Helping others has always been fulfilling for me. Its more important than all the materialistic pleasures life has to offer. I believe to awaken oneself one must awaken all beings! I have been giving career and relationship advice for over 15 years. I see and feel people. Sometimes I will integrate that with astrology as I am a long time astrology lover. I can easily sense when two people are soulmates. I have psychic dreams (the only time I can sense the future) and do dream interpretations as I find the mind in REM sleep is fascinating. I myself have vivid dreams. Have had them ever since I was a child and once in a while I connect with spirits or other realms. Having no mentors, only my mother with similar gifts, I am basically self-taught. I recently started practicing Reiki and Ayurveda as alternative methods of healing. I also do Tarot card readings when some rapport has been established. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio!




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