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Advisor Ava
Advisor Ava
Love & Relationships
Advisor Ava


Are you looking for an absolute full package of instant support, no matter what life situation (love, finance, career, friends, family, spirituality etc.) you are in right now? Then I am the right person to trust for you. 

With my skills as a clairvoyant Tarot Reader and Astrologer, I can also give you very detailed insights into your future, a person's feelings and thoughts. As a Men-Expert I can help you to understand the man of your heart and advise you how to handle him, so you can live your love together.

With my special gift as an Angel&Spirit&Channel Medium, I pick up important personal guiding messages and information for you. Additionally, I am able to see things in the Akasha Chronic about your karma and previous lives. 

Being a MANNA Energy Practitioner I am also able to work energetically on your Karma, Chakras / Aura/Life energy, etc. for blockade resolutions. Last but not least as a Specialist of direct Activation & Manifestation Energy/Techniques I even can help you activating your wishes(love, wealth/abundance, success, etc. ect) directly.


Hello, my dear! It is my beloved life task to support you here with all my over 20 years of experience with a high hit rate, my skills, kindness, honesty and understanding to help you to find your answers and solution as soon as possible. 

Being connected to the highest loving universal divine source I shall help you and guide you on the path of your own Happiness. To be able to do so authentically I had to train my gifts intensively and go a long way of learning, implement the holy knowledge and overcoming obstacles myself, etc. 

So I can understand where you are right now in your life and your emotions. Telepathically I can access all the information you need to know during the reading. Please be aware, that people, situations, the future etc. are not always as you would expect. I look for you behind the curtain. Please also notice that of course no medical, legal, or specialist-related questions are allowed.

I can show you ways, offer options, guide energetically, etc. but I cannot give any guarantees and still, you are responsible for your own decisions. 

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions have an impact on timelines and future outcomes, which is a universal law and is already scientifically proven. Therefore I can help you to make a better impact.

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Jul 3, 2021
Jun 19, 2021
if you can send a coupon 🙏
Jun 19, 2021
thank you
Jun 16, 2021
Jun 15, 2021
thanks ava!! she goes into my situation really fast, and helps clarifying things. ava is great, highly recommended!
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