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I offer psychic readings,tarot card readings, crystal ball readings, and also readings/ cleansings for the mind body and spirit!. 


I am a 5th generation psychic I have been helping people all over the world for over 15 years the best part of my job is knowing I can help you over come any obstacle in your life! I will be able to help and guide you through your toughest battles life throws at you!.. 

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Natal Chart Reading Spiritual Reading Astrology Breakup & Divorce Love & Relationships Mind Reading Tea Leaves Numerology Occult Readings Clairvoyance Relationship Problems Shamanism Parents & Children Horoscopes Soulmates & Twin Flames Family Advice Paranormal Phenomena Cheating and Affairs Psychic Reading Automatic Writing Channeling Crystal Ball Karma and Past Life Angel Readings Dating Advice Rune Stone




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