Autumn Star


I offer psychic readings,tarot card readings, crystal ball readings, and also readings/ cleansings for the mind body and spirit!. 


I am a 5th generation psychic I have been helping people all over the world for over 15 years the best part of my job is knowing I can help you over come any obstacle in your life! I will be able to help and guide you through your toughest battles life throws at you!.. 

All Specialties

Clairvoyant Readings Breakup and Divorce Crystal Ball Vedic Astrology Soulmates Natal Chart Reading Indian Astrology Shamans Occult Readings Numerology Psychic Reading Spiritual Reading Paranormal Phenomena Psychic Mediums Tea Leaves Dating Advice Angel Readings Karma and Past Life Rune Stone Family Advice Relationship Advice Cheating and Affairs Channeling Mind Reading Chinese Astrology Love and Sex Parents and Children Karmic Astrology Horoscopes Automatic Writing




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