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I begin each reading by getting to know the basics about each person, I then lay out my Tarot cards and begin saying what I see, messages begin to come. It’s as simple as that! With each reading I asses the situation and suggest attainable approaches to solving problems and getting each person to where they need to be. I have a straight-forward, reasonable approach, and I prefer to skip the frilly stuff. I am action and guidance-based, delivering honest insights into the client’s aspects of concern, whether that be a career, relationships, life path, destiny, or the many energies and influences which affect these subjects. I look into the causes behind events, assess the situation as a whole, and offer suggestions and guidance to maximizing our impacts on the future. The future is ours to shape, and through trust in the universe, we can triumph through any obstacle! We all need the basics in life: a home, money, friendship, and love. The question is, which direction do we go to obtain these fundamentals? What is right before our eyes that we aren’t seeing? How can we elevate ourselves further to reach our dreams and aspirations? This is what I seek to explore every time I lay down my beloved Tarot cards and tell a client what I am seeing.


My experience as a psychic includes over 1,000 readings, and that number is growing! For over 7 years I have been a student of the Occult Tarot and trained in the precise use of the psychic senses. I pride myself in delivering grounded, down to earth insights into each client’s life path, their difficulties, obstacles, and triumphs. Over the course of my spiritual exploration, I have investigated the paranormal, hauntings, energies within homes, and curses, and worked on fixing these issues. I am a student of Dreams and can provide insight into the symbols and omens which arise from our subconscious. I have worked on readings answering questions and confusions about love and the future of love, looked into parental and familial relationships, delved into details about blossoming or crumbling career paths, dug up dirt on dishonesty, and through all of this gave recommendations for dealing with these questions and triumphing regardless. Helping the client recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and giving guidance to allow them to reach their full potential is my goal.

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Mar 6, 2019
very knowledgeable! Direct and upfront, and I felt that the answers were quick and spot on! Thank you, will be chatting with you soon again.
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