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Life Coaching


My name is Aurora and I'm so excited to see that you're reading my profile about myself and my services and I hope that you will choose me to work with! I am able to answer questions and inquiries regarding any topic or subject with professional accuracy and concise expertise. I specialize in helping people discover exactly what their purpose in life is, who they were in their past lives and how that's currently effecting them, along with what planet their soul's origins come from, plus what that will mean for them in this life. As a channeler, I also am able to work directly with your spirit guides. I am an angelic medium and and can tell you exactly who your guides are - including deceased loved ones, angels, and animal guides. I am also able to get in touch with and access the guides you have from the elemental realm - the faery spirits, unicorn spirits, dragon and mermaid spirits, crystal spirit guides from the mineral/crystal realms and more. Additionally, I am able to get in touch with, and shed light upon, your cosmic guides - that is, those who are currently assisting you from other planetary worlds and constellations. Even more important than being able to tell you who your spirit guides are, I can channel their specific messages for you and would be delighted to do so! I can also perform healing crystal readings for you which address your current physical, mental and spiritual health. Of course, I am also completely able to answer any questions you have about your love life and romance, relationships of all sorts - family, career, home life, and more. Any question you can think of that you might want to ask, I will be able to help answer for you. I also do interpretations of astrological natal charts which reveal all the astrological aspects of you personality, providing you with an in-depth analysis of how your star signs affect who you are (for these, you MUST include your date of birth, the city, state/territory and country you were born in and the exact hour and minute you were born at or as close as you can estimate). I am a natural claircognizant, channeler, empath, and an expert reader in tarot, oracle cards, pendulums, crystal divination, angelic mediumship, divine psychic life coaching, and can interpret astrological birth charts. I look forward to working with you and helping you discover who you are, why you are here, what your life purpose is, where and what your energy should be channeled into, and where you came from in order to help you walk your life's path and honor your divine life purpose with sacred harmony and balance. Giving these psychic and healing readings for you is what my life purpose is, and I truly treasure every moment I am able to spend using my gift to help others


Licensed Register Healer® as recognized by The International Natural Healers Association

Certified Crystal Healer®

Certified Practitioner of Crystal Medicine®

Certified Archangel Life Coach®

Licensed Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Licensed Past Life Healer®

Certified Angelic Medium®

Licensed Unicorn Healing Practitioner™

Certified Angel Practitioner®

Certified Angel Card Reader™

Certified Realm Reader®

Certified Advanced Angel Tarot and Oracle Card Reader™

Certified [in] Indigo Awakening Studies™

Certified Sacred Light Healer®




Jul 2, 2015
Aurora is very friendly and knows what the client wants
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