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Aurora Alanna


I'm a licensed psychologist, expert in tarot reading, astrology and palmistry. I'm developing a method based on applied psychology into tarot reading using psychoanalysis and multiple alternative therapies, thus offering the most complete consultation possible. My expertise is the applied psychology into the Egyptian tarot, something pretty uncommon, but it turns out to be very effective because it provides much more details and clarity than the classic Marseille tarot. I am very sensitive and I can feel what you and others feel. Since I was a child I had premonitory dreams and I didn't realize what was happening to me until my grandmother taught me to channel that energy. Now I use this gift to help others. It is my destiny and my vocation. I feel passionate about my job and I will love to do my best trying to be the light on somebody's dark path.


I started learning astrology at 8 when I was so interested in my zodiac sign and trying to learn how to understand other people's behavior. I've always had premonitory dreams and I am also able to dream about you if my spiritual guides have something important for you to know. I'm a professional psychologist so I use this knowledge to help and guide you through rough paths. My grandmother is my guide and thanks to her I know how to channel my energy so I can help others. I've been in the tarot world since 16. I always keep learning and developing my abilities.

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Thank you so much 🥰
Very detailed and she is FAST. One of my best readings on this site.
Does he need help with money ?
resonated and made sense
I’m out of minutes Aurora but I’ll talk again soon.
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