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I offer general purpose/daily card readings, yes/no single card readings, and love and relationship readings. I also offer past, present future readings (life progression), self-assessment readings (mind, body and spirit) and dream interpretation readings. I do custom spreads for readings depending on the inquiry. An example of this would be if you inquire about how to remove emotional blockages. I would use a 4 card spread which highlights: a current emotional state, the emotional hindrance present currently, how to overcome the blockage, and how you can put the advice of overcoming to use to be successful in your endeavor. Custom spreads may be a bit more thoroughly and can be lengthy depending on the Inquirer's request for depth. Please be aware that I do also have a code of ethics! None of my readings should be substituted for medical advice or assistance or emotional health and well-being. I will not knowingly read for anyone under the age of 18. I will always keep my inquirer's information and reading confidential and I will never offer medical advice for which I am not qualified! I will not do a reading to see what someone other than my Inquirer is feeling or doing. My readings are not judgemental and so I will welcome any Inquirer regardless of culture, religions, spiritual path or sexual orientation and gender identity. My goal is to help guide and serve the best interests of the clients without deception or dishonesty. If I cannot clearly interpret a part of the reading, I will communicate openly with my Inquirer.


As a psychic reader, I double as a Wiccan. I have read for tons of friends and strangers or group members in the Facebook group that I am apart of. I have been wiccan for 7 years and sought out tarot reading as my form of divination. My deck, The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans is the deck that picked me. Not long after that, I sought out anyone that I could do readings for practice, understanding and growth. Also to assist them in their personal journey for growth, peace, well-being and success. Of course when I conducted my readings, I did so for free to learn more to trust my intuition and my natural gifts for advising and guiding others around me that may need a helping hand. I have done this for a year in order to gain practice and grow stronger as a reader. I've done readings for people who are inquiring once they see in any profile online that I am an avid reader of tarot and for those who even may not believe in tarot but would just like the experience to see if anything I'll say is spot on. A lot of my readings therefore consist more so of people who are strangers and therefore I have no knowledge on them unless they choose to provide me with information necessary and valuable to the reading. This coming November will give me two years of hands on reading for those I make contact with and all who seek guidance for their futures whether it be for their finances, general future or love life and even general advice about their selves.

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maria Dorsey
Aug 19, 2018
Aug 7, 2018
very accurate reading. thanks much for ur reading.
Jul 21, 2018
sorry ran out of funds, thank you for the insight
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