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We are blessed, and together all hidden things can be revealed, your path lit.We walk a path of choices in this shared dream. Our lives are intertwined with all others and this knowledge -- buried deep down and maybe even hidden -- has brought you here. We all seek harmony and joy, It is my calling to help. I am a healer, a Mystic, a tarot reader, intuitive listener, Druid, life coach, empath and psychic. I have used these gifts all my life in service to my fellow beings. Through fears, insecurities, and troubles there is always hope if you know where to look and when to listen. My aim is to guide you away from the darkness and doubt, and toward the light of understanding. Let us walk this path together toward harmony and enlightenment.


It all started with my great grandma teaching me how to heal, my mother teaching me about psychic energy, and the trees teaching me how to be and listen.  I have been an empath and psychic all my life. Over the past three years I have developed beyond this in the world of a Mystic Druid.


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