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For the past thirty five years I've known that this was my calling. It brings me great joy to offer you my services that include variety of methods that I like to use. My tools consist of: Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, the pendulum; crystals and of course my spirit guides. Back in 2005 I began working side by side with my partner a longtime shaman; clairvoyant and authentic healer from Cuba. My studies began in the field after many years of apprenticing. While performing variety of protection spells; medical insights; miracles and assisting with general spiritual readings my gifts began to take root and sprout. My hands on practice gave me the practicum to see first hand what miracles and divination look and feel like. Today my services now include Astrological readings; that include transits and couples synastry; pendulums as well as the Numerology and the Tarot guidance. Many things can be see on your natal chart which I like to call your star chart. This is the thumb print to who you were born to be and the Karmic lessons you were sent here to work on. I also run your numbers to check the energies you attract through Numerology. There are so many patterns one can see through these energies that the numbers draw upon. Observing our life path and personal years helps to put things into perspective and give timelines you need. With these timelines I am able to give you dates etc. of what I am looking at to paint your overall reading. Through these energies I am able to see life paths; karmic lessons; and purpose that help draw your full picture. With three years of Tarot card readings, the tarot sheds light where answers are needing more clarity. As a medium I also work with pendulums; crystals and can send distance energy. Overall, you will be pleased with the information that will be shed to you through my services. Do not waste another minute missing out on this vital information that can finally bring you peace; healing and relief.


As an Intuitive Psychic and Medium, my experience has included over sixteen years of working side by side as an apprentice next to an authentic shaman from Cuba known as we say in Spanish a "Curandero". I am blessed to call him my husband. Through the years we have performed miracles; healings and protective spells aside from many more spiritual rituals. Many of these things include activities such as saving animals on our ranch; helping loved ones with love spells; helping loved ones with bad habits; helping those who need protection from evil in group settings; helping to receive favor in an undetectable health concern that couldn't get a diagnosis. We have helped solve difficult diagnosis that couldn't be seen by doctors so that a diagnosis could be made to get the medical protocol rolling. We've also helped families with loved ones that have transitioned find eternal peace. My professional experience now includes over three years working online doing readings for friends, family and referrals. Many of my readings have been conducted online via methods such as social media through through most of the platforms available. I have also done many readings via a video teleconferencing application in which I am able to present star charts and explain the forecasts or couples synastries. My experience also includes over three hundred Astrology readings. Through the years I have conducted over five hundred Numerology readings. Other tools that I like to use are my pendulum; my spirit guides guidance and my intuition. I have a private office at my home where my clients also can come in for their personal readings. There have been some occasions where I have met my clients at restaurants, parks; their homes and other random places. I also have done psychic readings for events such as parties and events for bachelorette groups etc. Overall my readings are spiritual, mystical and yet honest and sincere. I invite you to visit with me to get the answers you seek today.

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