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As a gifted Psychic with over 40 years of experience as a Psychic Relationship Advisor and Life Coach, I can also help you uncover the life you were meant to live. A life filled with happiness, joy, and love. Through my loving and gentle readings, I help my clients by pulling back the veil of the Spirit World and provide clarity through the help of my Spirit Guides. Your questions about Love and Relationships, Career decisions and Family matters are important to me and I am here to help you on your journey and guide you toward living your Best Life. I follow the Law of Attraction and together we can make sure that you are putting out into the universe the exact energy that you want in return. I have many methods I use to bring you harmony, love, and happiness. My energy has brought you to me, give me a call and let’s dig in to see what fantastic opportunities await you!


I grew up in rural Kentucky and am descended from a long line of Psychic Advisors and Healers. I can trace my ancestry to the Ancient Vikings from the Netherlands who are known to have openly practiced and honed their Psychic abilities. Even as a child, I was said to have had an uncanny ability to discern difficult and sometimes dangerous situations and provide clear and simple solutions. These answers come intuitively to me and is a gift that I have been blessed with. I have learned to channel this energy and bring it forward to see into the life of others and help them find a path of happiness and healing. I use the Tarot for guidance to reveal the messages from the other side. Through the cards, I can see what lays ahead for you. This special gift is meant to help others and I am here to provide you the answers you need to find comfort and direction.

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