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Astrology is the ancient art of understanding cosmic patterns and applying them to everyday life. The minutest detail is contained in the expansive whole, just as the structure of the atom reflects the structure of the universe. Birth Chart Reading This chart represents the inherent spiritual potential of every human life and is an amazing tool used for self discovery which explores the inner dimensions of your unique character, your strengths and challenges. When somebody refers to themselves as “Leo” or “Virgo”, they are referring to their sun sign. Proper Birth Chart analyses should not be confused with sun sign Astrology as promoted by the popular media. This addresses merely a fraction of a person’s entire psychological make-up and is too vague to yield any significant in-depth understanding. If you have never had a chart done by an astrologer, this should be your first choice. Relationship Analysis Synastry and composite charts are used to analyse the dynamic relationship between two people. We explore how you can advance together and how to handle the rough spots along the way. Future Forecast Using Astrological progressions and transits, we look at what you may expect on your path in the future. While astrology doesn’t claim to predict specific events in one’s life, it is useful to examine the tendencies of the next 12 months. Everything in the universe works in cycles. We employ these to pinpoint optimal times to plan and execute certain life strategies to make the coming year as easy and constructive as possible


I completed my 3-year Diploma in Astrological Analyses and Prediction under internationally renowned astrologer, Rod Suskin, in the year 2000 and have been building my astrological practice ever since. I also hold a BA Hons degree in Health Sciences and Social Services with specialisation in Psychological Counselling from the University of South Africa. Apart from seeing clients in private practice, I have also counselled women in abusive relationships at the Women's Centre at NICRO, on a voluntary basis.

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