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I am an astrologer and therapist, psychic, tarotist, numerologist, manage energy (reiki), runes, I chi, pendulum, reading and communication with angeles. I have the ability to perceive energies, vibrations, like therapist different techniques among others dream interpretation, readings faces, body language, coaching ontologic, transformation and orientation to help people, etc. I m a natural born psychic with different ways to help. reader cards, numerologist, astrologer, healing and messages through angels and therapist, between others. ALWAYS HONEST AND DIRECT...  if you want to know your truth come with me and let me help you to find the missing puzzle piece.. :)


I was born with certain gifts that come from family. so since child I have some perception that I was learning and my mother taught me little by little to handle the gifts acquired by inheritance.  My mom also taught me astrology, tarot and mystical things in general. then, later I studied more professionally astrology, tarot, I chi, runes, energy management (reiki), pendulum etc ... With the years learned by my mom and then I reaffirmed studying it from the outside. And I have done this since always .... then I studied to be psychological therapist ... and working with people in different ways... all this since university. then, later I worked more directly and personal with people... and in this type of sites since  2007. I like to help people, as long as people want to be helped.  The only thing it takes to be and achieve something is "the will to do it." I am very honest and direct ... I can not lie or tell people "what they want to hear" I just say what "I have to say" .. what my light masters and spiritual guides and angels tell me to say And according to what I see in the astral chart, tarot, runes, pendulum etc of each person ...  if you want to be helped with "the truth" I wait for you to give me the opportunity to help you and guide you in what I can and that is best for you. :)


thank you very much
drageed things out a lot. I could have a conversation with someone and not spend $20 and get the same answers that left me just as confused
thanks Astro could have received more insights and clarity
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