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Relationship Problems


Hello there. I'm Astrid. My specialties are relationship advice and signpost readings. I use a Rider Waite deck and traditional spreads to help my clients gain clarity on issues like: Getting Back Together, Relationship Conflict, Breaking Up & Divorce, Dating Advice, Cheating & Affairs, Careers & Signpost Readings. I strongly believe that whilst the cards are little indicators of where we're at right now and where our current path might lead us, nothing is ever set in stone. If you see something in your reading you don't like, change it! You control your destiny - it should never, ever control you. Some clients come to me out of sheer curiosity. To be clear, I can’t guess your middle name or predict the winning lottery numbers! Many clients come to me in the the wake of major upheaval. Very often, when we're going through a period of stress and trauma, we can't see the wood for the trees. I can't blindly tell you everything you want to hear - that would be completely unethical. I won’t be dishing out medical, legal or financial advice. What I will do is provide a shoulder to cry on. I will help you gain clairity and insight on whatever issue is bothering you and help you find the best possible way forward.


I have been reading tarot cards for over 20 years. I am the in-house reader for a leading UK tarot website and consult for several well-known psychic sites. I practice a range of readings - from money and careers to relationships to in-depth readings covering every aspect of life. I specialise in love and relationship tarot readings. I prefer to work in written form because I think this is more helpful to the client. That way, they can take my reading away with them and refer back to it whenever they wish rather than having to rely on memory. I work from a sleepy fishing town in Devon, England, where I live with my Maine Coon and Himalayan cats. I also practice Palmistry, Florigraphy, Feng Shui and Dream Interpretation. Many of my clients come to me in incredibly difficult circumstances. I use a Rider Waite deck and traditional spreads to provide them with clarity and insight, helping them find the best way possible for them.

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Astrid thank you so much ! could you help me with few minutes need to speak about my career ! will come back to you
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