I offer tarot and paramental development services. This discipline gives the client a very firm answer and makes him/her connect directly with his/her own heart and emotional part. I use a simple tarot reading to answer daily life questions. I also practise many rituals that help people solve issues related to couples, love relationship stability and also help them to overcome sorrows. Life gives us gifts, we should use them to help people. I also use the different lunar phases based on each equinox and solstice that helps contribute to give rituals powerful energy each part of the year according to people´s needs. I have been reading the angel cards as a means of conveying messages for more than 20 years.


I have 20 years of experience in psychic development and card readings. Throughout this year I have been able to help many people who have needed my advice specially in very difficult moments. I could help them with pregnancy issues and couples who still love each other. I have all the tools to be able to help each person who wants to come to me looking for some advice on a different vision of the negative situation they are living. I have worked on astrology and kabbalah, these disciplines give us a wide view of the client's personality and events and also show us if his/her questions are going to be given or not in real life.

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very general and typical . positive energies at work, new project in three months. I don’t have s project based career so not sure what she meant . when asked for clarification she said she doesn’t know but I need a positive attitude. fast typed tho
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