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I like to give readings using my messages from your angels oracle cards, I not only take what the cards say, I also try to tune into my angels and use my own intuition when doing readings so will also give you my own understanding of the cards ive picked out in relation to your reading.

If you would like me to read the angel oracle cards for you please choose a option from below and private message me then start a chat with me or ring me a few hours later or ill arrange a time with you, that way i would have already pulled the cards for you and so saves time and money for you.

SOUL MATE READING - For questions such as is he or she my soul mate? how does this person really feel about me? or where is this relationship headed?

NEW LOVE READING - For questions such as when will i meet my soulmate? or how will i meet my soulmate?

LIFE PURPOSE READING - For questions such as what is my life purpose? or what step should i take next in my career? or is this new business idea a good idea?

ABUNDANCE READING - For questions such as when will the money come in? or will i make more money soon? or what can i do to make mre money?

CONTACTING GUARDIAN ANGEL OR DECEASED LOVE ONE READING - For questions such as id like to receive a message from my guardian angel or deceased loved one, or Who are my guardian angels or spirit guides?

WHAT THE ANGELS WANT YOU TO KNOW READING - For questions such as what would the angels like me to know about today? or what would the angels like to tell me about this upcoming person or situation.

LOOKING AHEAD READING - What is coming up for me? or will my life become smoother soon?

GENERAL ONE CARD PICK OUT - I'll try to tune in to you and pick out one card from the deck.


I am a natural empath, extremely sensitive to energies, both good and bad, i can sense energies in my surroundings but also around people, I can often feel what others are feeling and can sense others mood.I have had a few experiences where I have been able to receive accurate information from just touching an object or looking at somebodies photograph and I have been told during psychic readings that not only am I an empath I am also a natural healer and that I am surrounded with a healing aura.

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