Are you looking for a straight answer? Are you ready for the truth? My name is Cristina. I am a professional psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, lightworker and author of a couple of best-selling eBooks on Amazon. I’ve been doing readings since I was 14-years old, so almost 40 years! I’m a fourth-generation psychic and learned divination arts from my grandmother Antolina Mateos Ramos, who was the village psychic in Alcala de Guadaira Spain. My grandmother could not read or write but the psychic abilities I inherited from her are outstanding and she would be proud of how her prediction for me came true, that I would do psychic readings for people all over the world. I’m considered a five-star psychic and one of the best in the field. As my psychic abilities have evolved I’ve become quite proficient in remote viewing and connecting to the other side along with clairvoyance and telepathy and empathy, so I can feel what your lover, or a boss, or co-worker may be thinking about you. Contact me today and allow me to provide the insights or spiritual solutions you need.


Tarot readerChannelerCrystal ball gazerDream InterpretationPalmistRemote viewingRelationshipsFinancials Experience and Qualifications: * Professional Spiritual Advisor* Psychic* Expert Card Reader and Divinator* Author of "Gypsy Wisdom" and Ancient Magick for the Modern Witch.

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