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Amaris Raine
Amaris Raine
Spiritual Reading
Amaris Raine


From a very young age i was always told i was "too sensitive". I was gifted the ability to feel and read on a deeper, spiritual level, the energy of those around me, connecting to the extrasensory energy exuded from humans and animals alike. Everything in my life has led me back to the spiritual plane of existence no matter what direction I'd take. In my day to day life, as an intuitive empath and reiki master, I have a calling to help and heal others through love, light and compassion. I believe we can change anything, that there are no mistakes and that we should harbor no regrets. I have grown to realize that our regrets stem from situations in our lives that we have not yet learned from. In order to make change we need to observe the actions of ourselves and those around us, and with love in our hearts, direct each other to growth as a universal entity, operating selflessly to ascend humankind as a whole. Furthermore, I am a realist, if you are currently on a path that is simply not going to work out for you I won’t spin you a fairy tale. You need to know what your real options are so you can make clear choices, positive decisions and get on a path that is going to bring you true happiness. I have the tools to help you through those difficult times and get you back on the track that is right for you. The path that will lead you to happiness, something we all deserve. Love & Light Amaris Raine


I am an intuitive empath, indigo and lightworker. I have chosen to walk this life as a beacon for those who seek guidance, knowledge, understanding and truth within the convoluted and often misunderstood veil that shrouds us. I am gifted with clairsentience and with this natural talent have offered insight and direction to the emotional and physical well-being of several clients. To compliment this I am a reiki practitioner/energy healer, intuitive and metaphysical counsellor, numerology reader and truth seeker. Through my own traumas, trials and personal failures. I have developed these gifts to begin my mission to support, empower and connect our universal consciousness.

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