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The Literal Light Asé
The Literal Light Asé
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The Literal Light Asé

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Just ended a connection you desire? Need Certain Certainties reassured about your love, life, career, or soul's journey? Are you Starting your ascension journey? Trying to heal Trauma and your ideas of love? Looking for genuine change in your journey and don’t know where to start? Ascencha can assist & This is Ascension_ciiity.  I am an Intuitive, Empathic, Prophetic, Healer, Ascension Leader & Start Seed. Here in Ascension_Ciiity, a city designed to support self-loving Soul Ascension & create a safe haven to do so… we are all about healing & ascension & being equipped with the knowledge & tools to cultivate those things. I can assist you in not only attaining the answers you seek in regards to any situation, but I can also offer solutions that are sure to initiate Self-Loving Change. . I am a linealogically aligned Psychic aligned to this realm to seed newness & nothing less.


Intuition is a true light. So it was an honor to discover this journey through my own healing and ascension journey over the past few years. I have been offering healing intuitive guidance for 10 years now. For years I’ve used not only my intuition to assist clients in ascending and finding the solutions desired, I’ve also used love. In every session, chat, or text I share I always made it a mission to ensure that each client knows they are important and loved. I’ve always been excited about assisting the light in this realm to ascend to new thinking and through my prophetic gifts and premonitions, I’ve been ever so lovingly and Divinely allowed to do that. This journey is serious in terms of Soul Ascension and as a Ascension Leader Using Tarot Light Divination, Tea Leaves, Oracle Cards and total intuition I know. I love you.




Dec 3, 2023
Nov 25, 2023
Thank you so much
Nov 23, 2023
Oct 16, 2023
Oct 9, 2023
Thank you for giving me the guidance I needed. You were spot on in my current situation. ✨🙏🏽
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