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Yoga for spiritual perfection

I am practicing yoga and nature meditation for gaining more perfection in my spiritual life and I believe that these positive techniques are useful to anyone who is developing mediumship and psychic abilities. One can become a psychic medium without practicing yoga and meditation, but I believe the quality of the mediumship is an important aspect here. I have found that yoga and the systematic spiritual breathing, plus spinal light strategy, help my inner energy before and after psychic work.

The physical aspect of ego is easy to trace, but the spiritual ego is in a subtler state. The main objective of yoga is to know better what is going on inside yourself and see functional links between our physical body and our soul. Spiritual yoga and nature meditation can help to clean all types of blocks in physical body and spiritual progress.

Yoga has deeply affected my personal spiritual development and psychic work as a spiritualist, healer and expert. In the past few years, I have become more perfectly involved and I feel that other psychic mediums can benefit from what yoga, spiritual music and meditation have blessed me.

The way and mechanism of yoga for spiritual growth is very interesting. Our body has a unique skeleton, plus a perfectly organized system of muscles. There is a parallel organization of spiritual light that gives our physical body sustainability. Muscular motions, with spiritual concentration and determination, certainly open all channels of light transmission in each and every minute portion of the physical body. Psychic and spiritual abilities are enhanced once light and illumination, after organized practice, reaches an ultimate destination, resolving all types of blockages and hurdles.

Devotion and dedication can result in the spontaneous development of yoga powers and spiritual growth. Certainly, it is not the objective of yoga, but psychics and mediums may be able to benefit from this practice in order to purify their hidden gifts and understand their role in the bigger spiritual scope.


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