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Meditations on the Wheel of Fortune

Meditations on the Wheel of Fortune

I command myself to be centered and aligned;

Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit…

…in the light and the love of the one!!!

The Wheel of Fortune is always spinning, ever going ‘round and ‘round.

Can we influence our fortunes? Absolutely!

How can we maximize our capacity to do so? Utilize both the up and down of the Wheel of Fortune. This way, you maximize your power by entering and centering in the middle of the wheel. The eye of the storm is the calmest place to be.

Bringing energy into ourselves while within the circle of the Wheel of Fortune allows for a receptivity at the highest level possible. These are the gifts of the Wheel of Fortune.

In every quadrant of the zodiac wheel, there are specific signs, energies and zones. Collectively, these are an ancient way of understanding creation as a whole. As we utilize the gifts available in the 12 signs, we reap the treasures of life that are possible through the connecting points of each unique essence.

The 13th position is the middle position. It is the one that receives, unifies, and breathes the gifts of and in relationship with the 12. It is here that we unlock the medicine of each potential ingredient and their possible mixtures.

It’s hard to imagine, but we have the capacity to attune ourselves to all that is. The more we are receptive to what we are possible of, the more we become what we know ourselves to be.

Fulfillment into infinity!

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