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What's In A Number? - How Numerology Can Help You Find Your True Happiness

What's In A Number? - How Numerology Can Help You Find Your True Happiness

Are you a math whiz, or did you barely pass high school algebra? Whether you can balance your bank account in your head, or need a calculator to determine the right amount of tip to leave for the restaurant server, numbers are all around us. The world contains many numerical patterns and the numbers that surround you play a large role in your personality and the way you interact with the world around you. This universal language of numbers is called numerology and understanding it, and using a professional psychic to help interpret it, can give you great insight into your life.

Numbers give off energy and vibrations that influence every area of your life. Understanding key numerical elements, such as your Birthday Number, your Life Path Number and your Heart’s Desire Number can help you understand yourself on a higher level. Numerology can also help you make solid decisions in everything from your relationships to finding the right home for you.

Your Life Path Number

The most important figure in your numerology chart is your Life Path Number. To find your individual number, simply add all the digits of birthdate together. By adding the digits of the month, day and year of your birth you can find the number that represents who you were at birth and which inherent characteristics you will carry with you throughout your entire life. Your Life Path Number, and it’s meaning, will never change and acts as a blue print for your life.

To get a true understanding of your inner nature you much calculate your Life Path Number correctly by adding the individual digits. Start with the month with January being 1. Though December is the twelfth month, it must be broken down into single digits of 1+2 for a total of 3. From there, add in the individual digits of the day and year of your birth.

Let’s take an example of someone born on January 13, 1978. We start with 1 for the first month. Then we add 1+3 to 4 for the day. The year becomes 1+9+7+8 for 25, which then becomes 2+5 for 7. Adding all those together we have 1+4+7 for 12 which we reduce one more time to 1+2 to get our single digit Life Path number of 3.

Your Birthday Number

Closely related to your Life Path number is your Birthday number. Rather than taking into account all the digits for your date of birth, your Birthday number is simply the day within the month. So, from our previous example of someone born on January 13, 1978, their Birthday number is 13. Though your Life Path number is the more important of the two, your Birthday numbers acts as a supporting influence and yields a power over your character and which traits you will carry through life.

Eacb Birthday number has a unique meaning and set of characteristics, which a psychic can help you discover. For example, people born on the first of the month will posses leadership qualities, but lack focus to handle details. Those born on the 31st are energetic and dependable people who prefer not to live alone.

Your Heart’s Desire Number

Though your Heart’s Desire (or Soul Urge) number is less important that either your Life Path or Birthday number, it has much to say about your inner self. Your Heart’s Desire number influences the aspects of yourself that you keep hidden or private. The number speaks to your likes, dislikes and cravings. It also determines what you value most in the world and what drives you. Understanding and satisfying your Heart’s Desire number allows you to find peace and contentment. Ignoring this piece of numerology can lead you to feel disconnected and dissatisfied with life.

To find your Heart’s Desire number, you much add the digits associated with the vowels in your birth name. Use 1 for A, 3 for U, 5 for E, 6 for O, 7 for Y and 9 for I. In names where a W is preceded by a vowel and makes a single sound (such as Matthew), it is treated as a vowel and has a numerical value of 5. Use as in your Life Path number, keep adding the digits until you are left with a single digit number.

Just as with the other figures in your numerology chart, working with a professional psychic is the best way to can a full understanding of your Heart’s Desire number. Each number has it’s own unique set of longings and needs. A Heart’s Desire number of 3 may mean that you derive pleasure from creative endeavors and need social interaction to be fulfilled. Those with a Heart’s Desire number of 7 may have a strong need to understand the spiritual world and have a strong desire to connect with nature. No matter what your Heart’s Desire number, finding and fulfilling those inner desires is the key to lasting happiness.

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With so many numbers swirling around us and influencing every aspect of life, numerology can be a complex. However, interpreting the universal language of numbers is a key element in understanding your inner nature and personality. Knowing how numbers impact your life and relationships can help you make better decisions about everything from your finances to your career. Our Advisors can help find your Life Path, Heart’s Desire and other key numbers. They can also provide guidance and insight on using numerology find your true happiness.