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What are your dreams trying to say - Part 1

What are your dreams trying to say - Part 1

So, you've had a dream in which you were falling from a great height.

Many people subscribe to the thinking that don't mean anything and are merely a representation of what's been on your mind. If that was the case, then falling in a dream would be because of a fear of falling or nothing at all. But the enlightened few believe that our dreams do in fact mean something. They are actually messages sent from your spirit guides, the angels in charge of caring for you.  Perhaps you fell from a skyscraper, a plane, or a cliff. Maybe you were falling for no reason. 

All of these things matter and mean different things about your waking life, but first we need to figure out the underlying meaning of falling in a dream before tackling these other issues. That is what we are going to do today!

Firstly, it can represent a loss of control. When you fall, you have nothing to grab onto and no control. This may be your spirit guides trying to tell you that something isn't right. You would need to take a look at your life to find the root. Could it be school related? Or perhaps your work, even your home life can be the cause. It could also come from a loss of self-esteem. Maybe you didn't get that promotion, or you failed the test you worked really hard on. 

Things like this can make our self-esteem plummet, much like falling from the sky. Also remember that this doesn't have to be an indication of a loss of control. It could also be served as a warning. Something in your life may be about to turn bad Look at the direction your life is heading. Is there a habit you have that could get the better of you?  It could be anything from a gambling addiction to anger issues. This signifies the fact that your life will soon hit rock bottom. 

I hope that this has helped provide a bit of insight into your dreams that can be transferred into your waking life. To sort all this out it would be wise to talk with a dream analyst about it. If you would like to speak with me about your dreams. I take calls and chats from 9am to 10pm CST. I have been using my psychic gift to help interpret the dreams of others since a very young age. 

Thank you for reading and have a great day! 

This is part one of a series focusing on common dreams people may need clarity on. Come back in two weeks for the next instalment! 

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