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Understand What Makes Your Boss Tick With the Help of a Professional Astrologer

Understand What Makes Your Boss Tick With the Help of a Professional Astrologer

Slavedriver, nitpicker, spiritual mentor, your biggest fan. Does the person you work for fit one of those descriptions – or maybe all four of them on any given day?

While each soul on Earth expresses itself through a unique set of idiosyncratic gaffs and gifts, once you know the sun sign under which your boss is born, the science of astrology as practiced by a certified professional astrologer can help demystify some of their puzzling actions to help you navigate your work life with more grace and confidence. What might you discover about the person you work for?


Dynamic, brash, and blunt . . . Aries employers put the “boss” in “bossy”. The fiery ram is a pro at fanning the flames, which cuts both ways in the workplace. An inspiring leader capable of motivating a sales force to new heights, your Aries boss can ride verbal and emotional roughshod over the highly sensitive employee and never notice. Wear your toughest “it’s not personal’ armor around this boss who takes no prisoners but will always let you know where you stand.  


Methodical, deliberate, and sometimes exasperatingly plodding -- the flip side to your sometimes-slow Bull boss is that she will be equally as patient with you. This practical sign finishes what she starts, means what she says, and can provide a real sense of stability and security if that’s what you look for at the office. Expect your bonus to be paid in the form of homegrown tomatoes and freshly baked zucchini bread all summer, thanks to her bountiful organic garden.


The consummate multitasker, an airy Gemini thinks fast, moves quickly, and laughs easily. If you’re a detail person, this sometimes-flighty boss can drive you nuts with constant distractions and interruptions, but the good news is that they love to delegate, making it easy for you to just seize control and do the job yourself. Your lighthearted Gemini boss will be the first person to laugh when you tell an off-color joke during a stressful company meeting.


The self-protective, deeply sensitive crab hates confrontation, so it’s best to sharpen your intuitive mind-reading skills when you’re under their employ. Harmony and getting along at all costs can sometimes make it hard to confront difficult truths with this type, but no other boss in the zodiac will be as understanding and flexible when you need to dash from work to deal with a sick child or pet.


“I think that is a magnificent idea!” is all you need to have in your arsenal when you’re trying to please your proud, attention-loving lion boss. This natural-born leader will give you plenty of room to be your creative, outrageous self because they understand and respect strong personalities. Although a tad overpowering, Leos are imminently fair and generous and take exceptional, lifelong care of those who are loyal to them.


You’ll need to dot all of your i’s and cross each and every t when employed by a Virgo. Every. Single. Day. Accuracy and precision are paramount to the virgin boss, and they can come across as cold, controlling, and very serious, but it’s just how they’re wired. Pleasing this pragmatic realist is easy if you stay logical, factual, and professional at work, leaving any personal dramas or excessive emotional displays outside the office door.


Charismatic, even-tempered, and a skilled negotiator, working for a balance-loving Libra can often feel like smooth sailing. Always the fair-minded peacemaker, you’ll rarely find favoritism or backstabbing in a Libra’s office. The way to this Venus-ruled employer’s heart is to display impeccable manners and treat everyone in the office with as much tact and respect as the Libra leader treats you. No gossip allowed.   


Powerful, intense, and often unyielding, your Scorpio boss might come across as secretive and aloof, but don’t be fooled by the cautious mask. Their passions run strong, although usually buried deep below the surface. Scorpios are astute judges of character who loathe deception and disloyalty. The way to win this boss over is with 100 percent honesty and personal responsibility at all times. You’ll have an ally for life.


Second only to an Aquarian on the individualistic, independent spectrum, your visionary Sag boss may be hard to keep up with at times. Irrepressibly optimistic and cheerful by nature, a basic lack of practicality can result in impulsive decision-making and ill-advised risk-taking. The good news? Expect to enjoy a very generous vacation and company-paid tuition policy when you work for the travel- and higher-education-loving Archer.


Dominant and authoritarian, the Capricorn boss’s authority must be obeyed and never undermined. They are extremely ambitious and often put work life above everything else to reach the pinnacle of professional success. If you share this mindset, be as organized, persistent, and determined to achieve your goals as your Mountain Goat manager. This allows you to take advantage of their love for security, consistency, and permanence as they carry you up the corporate advancement ladder along with them.


Not fond of dominating others, Water Bearers are all about the group good and team effort. If you happen to find an Aquarian employer, be prepared to deal with a generous dose of big-picture thinking, a lightning-quick mind, and powerful intuition and perception. If your proposal for the company is new and different, expect it to be green-lighted at once by your Uranus-ruled boss. Although perceived as quirky by more stoic signs, your Aquarius boss always has one foot in the future and thrives on change.


Just like the sea the fish calls home, a Pisces boss is fluid, adaptable, and adept at going with the flow. Gifted with highly imaginative and creative minds and extraordinary empathy, ultra-sensitive Pisces managers often surround themselves with more practical, pragmatic sun signs to handle the tedious details and the money. This allows them to immerse themselves in the artistic and charitable sides of life. Win their devotion either by holding things together on dry land while they dream, or jumping into the Neptune waters with them as a valued co-creator.

Are you dying to know what makes your boss tick? A professional astrologer can help you decode the unique relationship you share by examining the complex interactions between your natal charts. And because we know how busy you are, we’ve created an app called Zodiac Touch that allows you to connect with a professional astrologer for on-the-go, real-time advice when you need it most. Take advantage of our special introductory gift today, and enjoy a more fulfilling and empowering relationship with your boss!