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When did you notice that you had Psychic abilities?

I was born gifted I am a third generation spiritualist growing up I always felt different but I kept it to myself I wasn't sure how people would react or I wasn't sure what to believe my grandmother is who helped me with this gift at age 9 she sat me down and explained to me what I have been seeing what I have been feeling and it was at that moment I knew what I felt and saw was real! As a child your insights aren't as strong as you grow! I'm beyond thankful I had such an amazing grandmother to advise me and teach me how to control these insights and how to use them, as I grew older I became much more in control of my insights! 

What is the most rewarding part about being an Advisor?

I believe the most rewarding part about being an adviser is definitely meeting new people from all over the world but able to help them, there is so many people looking for answers looking for guidance and knowing I'm able to give them that clarity they are seeking and knowing I'm able to put peace upon their hearts and help them be better! Definitely is rewarding for me.

What have you done to improve your skills?

Prayer! Prayer and prayer! My relationship with god is most important to me! For every person I have helped I have gain a stronger power! Also putting out good Energy to the world! I like to surround myself with good energy's good spirits and prayer, for every person I have helped I have gained much more strength and much more insight into much more power I am a strong believer in karma The stronger I make gods people the stronger my power will be! And the more I help God's people the more god will help me!

What makes your readings unique? Why should someone looking for a reading come to you?

When you have a reading done with me I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear I'm not going to tell you what others have told you I'm simply going to tell you the truth! I am very blunt and very honest! I'm able to tap into others energies also pick up time frames! But not only do I tell you what is to come and what has happened but when you come to me I also advise you how to maintain a positive lifestyle how to remove bad luck! I will even send you prayers meditation instructions! I want you to feel peace while having a reading done with me! But what's most important is what you can learn from me so you may live a positive life style many people don't understand spirituality many people don't understand bad luck good luck but I can guarantee when you have a reading with me I will explain it all to you and I will tell you how to remove any bad luck how to remove negativity how to remove evil how to live your life in a positive way how to gain confidence how to be strong with God! I also offer chakra balancing over the phone there is no distance that can stand in the way of God just because me and the customer is on the phone or texting does not mean I'm not able to help them! You may begin your chat with me very lost and very confused but I can guarantee that after our chat you will gain much clarity! And how you can receive A positive outcome in any negative situation! No question is too big for me to answer and you do not just receive yes or no answers, you will receive full detail accurate answers! It could be your love life I could be your Health it could be a career it could be family friends any aspect is not too big for me! Have any reading done with me you will walk away with hope faith and clarity.

How does the spirit world communicate with you?

The spirits reveals itself to me In many different ways such as emotions! Feelings! Visions! Dreams! No negative energy is to strong to over Power the spiritual guides who help me! Through prayer and meditation I connect with these spirits they have shown me People I never even met Before! Revealing to Me these People are in danger Help them! Help those who are in need! In a reading I will ask for name and date of birth once I focus on this information the spiritual guides show me many different insights what that person is feeling what others around that person is feeling, the guides help me in many different ways you might not be able To understand it now but once having a reading done with me you will learn there's much more to spirituality! With my insights a non believer can become a believer you can feel for yourself it's impossible for a person to know all this information it must be the higher power to reveal all! I believe the higher power has giving me this gift because I'm open to hearing and seeing what the spirits have to tell me, one reading with me and you will see for yourself my insights come from the higher power!

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