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Twin flames and soulmates, what are they and what is their purpose?

Twin flames and soulmates, what are they and what is their purpose?

Ever wondered what exactly are soulmates and twin-flames? Is there a difference? How do I know if I have met my soulmate or my twin flame?

If you have ever come across your twin flame/soulmate -  we can sometimes confuse the two. It is common practice to mix the two up. Due to the powerful energy force that some soulmates can create, the energy and emotional connection is impossible to miss, even people around the two (soulmates) can tell there is something special about the match.

Let’s touch on what a soulmate is and why they are part of our lives, what is their purpose?

Soulmates are meant to be a part of our life. Some are meant to be with us forever and some are there to cross paths with us, to teach us a lesson. Sometimes the people that come into our life shape who we are. More often than not, the ones that stay in our memories, who we thing have broken us or caused us the most pain, are the ones who teach us the most valuable lessons and make us who we are today.

Think of the worst moment of your life, think of how you got there and who helped you get to where you are today. At that very moment, the moment of heartbreak, the mountain that was in front of you seemed enormously large and hard to climb. You got there, you climbed the mountain and when you look back, it was mostly on your own.

Don’t get me wrong, you will have had someone close to you there, speaking with you encouraging you to get back up on your feet, but once you were on your feet, you were the one who had the courage to climb over the mountain. You may have set goals sot that you could measure your progress and reach a new level each day. It is possible that through this process you may have even found yourself! You may have lost friends on that journey but this is all part of the great plan of the Creator.

The things you overcame, that you struggled with are most of the time caused by someone and that someone was a person who needed to come into your life, to cross your path and make you who you are today.

You are meant to have soulmates. The common misconception is that a soulmate is someone who you are meant to be with forever but actually many will cross your path temporarily to teach you a lesson, and many will stick around. Soulmates can come in many forms; some as siblings, some as lovers, some as friends and some may even be your parents

Either way a soulmate is someone who will cross your path for a moment or for a lifetime they are there for a reason. You will find some help you during hard times and some may even let you down, some make you spin and some make frown but at the end of the day they are there for a reason!

With a twin flame it’s you looking in a mirror and you seeing yourself. You will know it’s a powerful experience and it’s not always easy. Most of the time its hard very hard and can make you crazy but its love, real love that you can feel, see and others will see it also!

Your twin flame is a mirror to your soul.  A twin flame will help you grow as a person, cherish you and help you discover who you are meant to be – your life purpose.

This growth will come by nurturing, love, patience and will help you be the best person you can be.

A soulmate is not always there and may not always be a positive influence but nonetheless they are there for a reason, to give you a message. Connect with me today to discover more about soulmates and twin flames.

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